I came across Meara's profile, who was a stranger at the time.  She had posted some ItWorks ads on her Instagram.  I was curious to learn more.  She told me about the products and I was interested in knowing more.  She told me all I wanted to know and I looked into this as well.

The testimonials, before and after pictures and the line of products available, made me immediately want to not only be a loyal customer, I also want to be an independent distributor for the ItWorks products to help others too.

I am now an Independent Disributor, located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.  I am close to Canada's Wonderland.  The best regional shopping centres such as Yorkdale, Vaughan Mills, Hillcrest, Upper Canada Mall and Promenade Shopping Centre, Square One and Bramalea City Centre.

I am just 30 minutes from downtown Toronto.  I am the center hub for being able to reach an extremely large portion of the market.  The invome levels are high to very high.  The houses in my area are above average size.

The best part of the area I am in, it is multi cultural, diverse.  People spend a lot of money on health and wellness products.  The products available by ItWorks, will meet and/or exceed people's expectations.

I am an entreprenuer.  I have a lot of amazing connections.  My contact base ranges from stay at home moms to famous music artists, directors, producers, comedians, actors and actresses and news anchors and meteorologists.  

I not only live near some of the busiest and biggest regional shopping centres... I was involved in the planning and execution of the expansion, overhaul and remerchandising stages.  My contacts range from mall managers, to retail and big box owners and managers.  Regional shopping centre owners and CEOs and presidents and vice presidents of the businesses.

As you can see, my network is huge.  It doesn't matter what size of network you have.  What does matter is you need to know who will need your products.  What is in it for them.  Once you know what their needs are, you will find the rest will fall into place.

For myself, I tried the wraps.  The results are incredible.  It is an innovative product which people can use!  This is "the" product people have to try.  It is not to lose weight.  It is to firm your skin, make it nice and toned and not flabby.  It doesn't have to only be used on the stomach.  You get amazing results on the arms and thighs too.

I also tried the greens.  WOW!  The flavor is amazing.  It is so easy to mix.  Again, this is like having all your vegetables needed each and every day.  You know how costly it is to buy the suggested serving of veggies... this is the best and valuable alternative.  It is more than the recommended amount.  YOU really will feel great having this each and every day.

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